February 26, 2012

Out Now: Audio Antihero Presents Some Alternate Universe, 36-Song Compilation Benefits FSID.ORG.UK

Audio Antihero Presents: 'Some​.​Alternate​.​Universe' for FSID
Yeah, that's right, 36 friggin' songs for four pounds. Since we just spent four pounds on the Yr Friends EP, Americans, we can tell you that works out to about $6.50. We'll do the math for you -- this compilation, expertly curated by Jamie Volcano of Audio Antihero Records, asks that you pay something like $.18 per song (at a minimum, donations of a greater amount are encouraged and welcome), with all proceeds going to a UK organization that aims to eradicate Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Even without telling you about the amazing music on Some Alternate Universe, certain of it exclusive, this is a no-brainer. Don't be a dumbass. The official release date is March 5, but Audio Antihero appears happy to start taking your money immediately, thank you very much.

But, wait, the music IS amazing. Clicky Clicky favorites are well-represented and include Johnny Foreigner ("With Who, Who And What I've Got (Standard Rock)"), Benjamin Shaw ("Long Ago & Oh So Far Away"), Nosferatu D2 ("A Footnote (Demo)") and the mighty Wartgore Hellsnicker ("The Bear (New York Version)"). Adding value to the proposition are bracing tracks from Bitches (who we haven't written about in more than two years), sometimes-Johnny Foreigner tourmates Internet Forever (whose "Centre Of Your Universe" alone is worth the full price of admission here) and Salvage My Dream, whose stirring and F.M. Cornog-esque "Your Runaway Clothes And The Dying Diamonds of Your Mind" among others make this unapologetically long compilation actually incredibly rewarding.

So what we're talking about is a win-win. Help a reputable research organization curb a heartbreaking medical mystery and get dozens of great songs all for the price of just a couple pints and the pub. Do it now.

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