April 6, 2012

Rock Over Boston: Rock and Roll Rumble, Night 4

[Photos from the Boston Rock and Roll Rumble's 4th Preliminary night by Michael Piantigini.]
I had the honor and privilege of being invited to be a judge at the 4th preliminary night of this year's Rock and Roll Rumble. It was fun to finally be a part of this Boston rock institution, now in it's 33rd year, having been a spectator for most of those 33 years. (After having been associated so closely with iconic radio station WBCN for so many years, its home is now with Angelle Wood's Boston Emissions show on Sunday night's on WZLX). Heart-wrenching too. For all its collegiality and it's primary function as a celebration of the local rock scene, there can still only be one winner.

Night four was arguably the most diverse of the series so far - foot-stomping country-rock harmonizers Cask Mouse, big, heavy-ass thunder-riffers Never Got Caught, glammy art-rockers (with an emphasis on the rock) Parlour Bells, and the shambling (in a good way) garage popsters The Fagettes - and everyone as at the top of their game. At the end of the day, Cask Mouse got the nod from the five judges to advance to next week's semi-finals, but I'm rooting for one of the Wild Card entries to come from this night.

Hell, I wish all of 'em could advance.

Two more prelims to go, plus the semis and the finals - all at TT the Bear's:

Friday, April 6
9:30pm – Pray For Polanski
10:15pm – BrownBoot
11:00pm – Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck
11:45pm – The Bynars

Saturday, April 7
9:30pm – The Grinds
10:15pm – Sherman Burns
11:00pm – Motherboar
11:45pm – Streight Angular

Thursday, April 12
Friday, April 13

Friday, April 20

-Michael Piantigini

Rock And Roll Rumble: Intertubes | Facebook | Twitter

Cask Mouse: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter
Never Got Caught: Bandcamp | Intertubes | Facebook
Parlour Bells: Bandcamp | Intertubes | Facebook | Twitter
The Fagettes: Bandcamp | Blogspot | Facebook | Twitter

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