April 24, 2012

Show Us Yours #14: Screaming Maldini

Screaming Maldini in the practice space, panorama stylee
Right, well that was a long three years, yeah? Since our last Show Us Yours feature, #13 from Richmond's Lubec, who are now Portland's Lubec? Can you remember that far back? The feature takes Clicky Clicky readers right into the practice spaces haunted by our favorite bands so we can all get a sense of where the musical magic is made day in and day out. Show Us Yours is back in a big way at Clicky Clicky, and we can't think of a better act to kick it off than the Sheffield, England-based maximalist pop colossus Screaming Maldini. We put our somewhat dusty but still quite trusty battery of questions to the sextet, and Nick Maldini (lead vocals) and Jonny Maldini (keys) graciously supplied characteristically charming responses. According to a recent press release from the band's French label HipHipHip, Screaming Maldini's hotly anticipated debut full length will be released in that territory in the fall and will be titled Life In Glorious Stereo is as yet untitled; the release will be teased May 28th with a single that may or may not be for the song "Life In Glorious Stereo." The band is signed to the fabulous Alcopop! Records for the U.K., in case you didn't know, and we expect we'll see similar news from them in the coming weeks and months. For now, read on to learn about Screaming Maldini's close proximity to the Sheffield United pitch, the band's plans for the album and an answer that will most certainly incite Gina Maldini to clobber Mssrs. Nick and Jonny.

CCMB: Why do you use this space?

We started using this space when Tim joined the band to play drums in the band for the band. He also plays for another band in Sheffield called 7 Black Tentacles and they were already using this space. As his kit was there and we needed somewhere to go, we thought, why not? It's right next to Sheffield United football (soccer!!) ground. It's a bit of a centre for hip bands in Sheffield and it's also the base for a company that makes and distributes an uber hip free magazine for South Yorkshire. We feel cultured being there. Sort of.

CMB: Explain how an idiosyncracy or quirk of this space or a former practice space has affected a song (or even your overall sound).

It's really, really cold and cramped in there (despite the picture, which makes it look palacial! bit of iphone panorama fun!). So, to keep warm, we have had to invent this busy, energetic music. Bigger and warmer, we might sound more like Ed Sheeran. We do a lot of rehearsal in my bedroom as well. I've got a studio set up up there (we recorded most of the tracks up here) and it's really cosy and a nice atmosphere to work in. And if we get horny, there's a bed, so it's great. It's mostly Gina that gets horny.

CCMB: You walk into your space. What's the first thing you smell? Why?

Tim is usually teaching drums in the space for an hour before we rehearse, so the air is normally well and truly infused with his distinctive aroma(s) by the time we arrive. He prides himself on the various smells he can concoct from different orifices on his body. And it also smells like weed (the practise room, not Tim). None of us partake, but someone in the building does. All the time. It smells.

CCMB: It seems as though Screaming Maldini has picked up the pace a bit in terms of recording and releasing music. Is the band more focused and active in this respect now, or does the fact you've now got label bosses to please in the UK and France make it appear that more is happening when actually, you know, it's the same old same old?

For the last 6 months, we've been concentrating on finishing the debut album. It was a bit of a slog in the end, and mixing wasn't the easiest process (it went through three people in the end -- including ourselves -- to try and get it right). It's all mastered and ready to go now and we're really happy with the results. It sounds really big and exciting. There's a single soon and the album is slated for the Fall. Basically it's all finished and we're just concentrating on building buzz again before we release it. The labels were happy to trust us with all the creative stuff so we were pretty free just to get on with it.

CCMB: What do the next six months look like for Screaming Maldini? Is a trip to the States in any sort of band long-term timeline?

The next 6 months will see us release a single or two and the album. Finally hit the road in a more long term way (noth UK and Europe) and just play to as many people as we possibly can! It would be amazing to come and play in the States and hopefully SXSW will be on the cards next year -- see you there? we definitely owe you some drinks! It would be interesting to intersperse the set with "Man vs Food" style challenges. That should add a bit of spice to the shows!

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