July 24, 2010

Footage: Screaming Maldini's "Secret Sounds"

Holy mackerel, how did we miss this? We've raved about Sheffield, England-based prog pop consortium Screaming Maldini before, and we knew the stunning young sextet had filmed a video in February, but we're only now just seeing it. The clip, as astute headline readers have already gleaned, is for the song "Secret Sounds," one of the standout numbers from the band's excellent 2010 And The Kookaburra EP released on Alcopop [review here]. Last month Screaming Maldini posted four new tracks to its MySpace dojo, and we advise you to check them out posthaste, as they are characteristically brilliant. Here's "The Albatross" from the aforementioned EP; thanks to Saam at Faded Glamour for doing the original file upload.

Screaming Maldini - The Albatross

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saamFG said...

Cheers for the acknowledgement!