July 27, 2010

Clicky Clicky Presents At 3PM: Mogwai in "BURNING"

[We are pleased to welcome to these digital pages the writing of noted raconteur and multi-instrumentalist L. Tiburon Pacifico, whose affinity for the post-rock juggernaut Mogwai is unsurpassed in our personal experience. We asked Mr. Pacifico to pen an introduction to the film that you can read while you wait for the minutes to tick down until showtime, which is, of course, 3PM U.S. East Coast time. Enjoy the show. -- Ed.]

Yes, it's filmed in black and white, with an unsteady hand and a focus that often refuses to hold its place. Yes, its setting is none other than the oft-maligned hipster mecca, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. And yes, the filmmakers actually trim the beginning off of (gulp) "Like Herod," the 12-minute-plus epic from the Scottish quintet's revered 1997 full-length debut Young Team. But make no mistake: this film offers a very insightful glimpse into a band that has been "quietly" pushing their own envelope for the past 15 years, particularly when it comes to their live shows. While it certainly is no substitute for (the sensory overload that is) seeing Mogwai live, it ought to be more than enough to trigger nostalgic heart palpitations and pulse quickenings for those who have seen them. And for those who have yet to, this should be enough to incite a riot of curiosity that gets you out the next time they grace our shores... -- L. Tiburon Pacifico


Pre-order one of the many configurations of Mogwai's Special Moves bundle (which packages the film and an attendant CD in a variety of ways) right here.