July 28, 2010

Message Received: The Answering Machine Storm California

Last week we told you the news about The Answering Machine's forthcoming record (that it's done; that it's called Lifeline; that it will be released worldwide in January). But we didn't tell you about a quick burst of live engagements the Manchester, England-based quartet has lined up later this week in California. Inspect the dates below, and if you are a left-coaster, plan accordingly.

07.29 -- Private Party in Chinatown -- Los Angeles, CA
07.30 -- Club Underground at The Echo -- Silverlake/Los Angeles, CA
07.31 -- The Fox Theater Rooftop -- Pomona, CA
08.06 -- The Glass House -- Pomona, CA

And so what of this video above? We'd heard tell that The Answering Machine had done a live session of some sort earlier this year featuring a collaboration with one-time Charlatans UK (that's Charlatans to you non-Yanks) fronter Ian Burgess. Then, like most everything else, we forgot about that, and went on to thinking about things like, you know, other indie rock. But it turns out The Music Slut has turned up the clip above. You'll see The Answering Machine backing Burgess as he murmurs his way through Buzzcocks' "Just Lust," which most of us recall as being a track pretty deep into the running order of the terrific comp Singles Going Steady. Since you asked, our favorite Charlatans jam is "Then," and the video for that is right here.

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