July 16, 2010

And Then Some Days We Get Awesome Mail 4

Yeah, we know we've shown you this art before, or at least some of you, but our copy of Johnny Foreigner's hotly anticipated, long-awaited Every Cloakroom Ever 10" finally arrived in our mail today. You may recall the art features the name of every person who pre-ordered the record, which is pretty awesome, and our name is situated right at the center in the left margin on the front cover. Aces. According to this blog post which surfaced on the Interlosers earlier this evening, there are actually some copies of the 10" left and the Birmingham, England-based noise-pop titans will likely throw what little was not pre-ordered into its online merch shop sometime soon, which merch shop is right here. So if you haven't gotten a copy of the disc yet, there is still some hope.

Johnny Foreigner played Wichita Recordings' Wichiten 10-year anniversary celebration last night with Los Campesinos! and Frankie & The Heartstrings, and according to the buzz online the night was a raving success. Johnny Foreigner has four more festival dates booked this summer, which we hope leaves them with plenty of time to work on Album No. 3 and a planned U.S. tour which we hope will occur this fall. Haven't yet heard the band's most recent, freely distributed piece of genius, "With Who, Who And What I've Got?" Catch the stream below.

Johnny Foreigner - With Who, Who And What I've Got by Wichita Recordings

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