July 14, 2010

Today's Hotness: Women, Superchunk, The Hush Now

wom3[Women at Urban Outfitters Back Lot 3/19/09 during SXSW 2009. Photo by Michael Piantigini]
>> The impressive self-titled debut by Calgary's Women pulled off the difficult and rare trick of taking some easily recognizable influences and spinning them into a sound uniquely the band's own. The new track from their upcoming, second long player, Public Strain (due 9/28/10 on Jagjaguwar), continues in this vein. Hooky, with a Spector-esque wall of sound reverb, "Eyesore" continues Women's apparent quest to redirect the rock lineage of the Velvet Underground back on itself. Or something. -- Michael Piantigini

Women -- "Eyesore" -- Public Strain
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>> For a few, brief shining moments/hours yesterday, indie icons Superchunk were previewing their almost-decade-in-the-making new album, Majesty Shredding, at the Merge Records site. First background-at-work listen sounded good to us, though being already familiar with a couple of tracks -- "Learned To Surf" and "Crossed Wires" graced last year's EP and 7", respectively -- made those stand out the most. If I'd known that Superchunk were just teasing, I'd have paid more attention! They've helped us out a bit, though, by Tweeting a link to a download of the new album's opener, "Digging For Something," which also exists as the A-side of a new 7-incher that is apparently available in limited numbers in record stores (I couldn't find one!) and on the band's upcoming tour, which hits Royale in Boston with openers Versus on September 21st. Jay recently pined for next month's reissues of On The Mouth and No Pocky For Kitty right here. - Michael Piantigini

Superchunk -- "Digging For Something" -- Majesty Shredding
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[pre-order Majesty Shredding from Merge Records right here]

>> Boston-based dream pop heroes The Hush Now have titled their forthcoming EP. The short set bears the moniker Shiver Me Starships and will (we assume) be self-released by the band on a date to be determined. The mastering of Shiver Me Starships is expected to be completed any moment, album art is in the works, and you can expect to hear some of the new material when The Hush Now plays an RSL Blog-curated date at Great Scott Boston Aug. 2. Longtime fans of the band will be amused/amazed to learn that for the second time in the band's career recording has been impacted by studio flooding. If you come to learn that you live on the same street as singer/guitarist Noel Kelly, you may want to consider moving... -- Jay Breitling

>> If you're like me and the 90's were your musical wonder years - that is, old - then have I got a music festival for you. It isn't a real, actual festival, but one does seem to be curating itself for a stretch at the end of September:

9/18/10 Pavement at the Agganis Arena
9/21/10 Superchunk with Versus at Royale
9/23/10 Bettie Serveert at TT's
9/25/10 Teenage Fanclub at Royale
9/26/10 Come (reunion of all original members) at TT's
9/30-10/1/10 Built To Spill at the Paradise
10/5/10 The Vaselines at the Paradise
10/8/10 Fountains of Wayne at the Paradise

These will help soothe the pain of getting shut out of the rather unbelievable lineup at Matador Records' 21st birthday party in Vegas. Sigh. -- Michael Piantigini

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