July 13, 2010

Today's Hotness: The Henry Clay People, Pernice Brothers, Mogwai

>>L.A.-based rock saviors The Henry Clay People are giving away for almost-free another track from the act's rousing new set Somewhere On The Golden Coast, namely the rocker "Slow Burn." The "almost-free" of which we speak refers to the fact that you have to give them your email address: only a minor drag when the payoff is this good. "Slow Burn" strides in on some razory slide guitar and settles into the sort of uptempo strummer upon which The Henry Clay People has built its reputation. What is handy is that in this day and age of gizmos and whatzitz the band has created (or more accurately, Topspin has created for the band) a tasty little embed/widget/black magic devil soul stealer so you can cough up your address right here in the box below rather than surf around to their site to look for the thingy. So yeah, there's a black box below, put your email in it, get some free rock and roll music. We reviewed Somewhere On The Golden Coast here in May. The Henry Clay People are in the middle of a tour with Silversun Pickups and Against Me! that continues through early August; inspect all the pending dates here.

>> Other thing to watch for No. 1: we'll be giving away on Twitter (follow us @clickyclicky) Wednesday night a Pernice Brothers prize pack that includes a t-shirt, tote bag and, of course, the band's very solid new release Goodbye, Killer. Michael Piantigini reviewed the record here in June.

>> Other thing to watch for No. 2: we've been back and forth with a publicist about Clicky Clicky being one of a bunch of sites hosting viewings of the forthcoming Mogwai movie "Burning." It appears the movie will be released to selected theaters and for sale in late August with a companion album Special Moves: Live In Brooklyn, NY 2009. If things work out you'll be able to screen the movie at Clicky Clicky sometime before this month is out. If you prefer to see "Burning" in a proper movie house and you live in Boston, you can see it at the Brattle Theater Aug. 28. The film will screen in a number of additional North American cities in August and September, and all the dates are posted here.

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