May 20, 2012

New Music Night 6 with DJs Brad Almanac + Jay Clicky Clicky | River Gods | 24 May

New Music Night 6 Space Kitten
New Music Night returns for its sixth iteration this very Thursday, May 24, at River Gods in Cambridge, Mass. Your DJs are Brad of Bradley's Almanac and Jay of Clicky Clicky. Cumquat fall plum feet glooms, strum jaw must Disneys, it all happens from 9PM-1AM Thursday. It's not just the place to be, it's the place to listen. Also, beer. For a sense of what you're getting into, check out Brad's playlist from the January event (he was sick for the March event, hence the especially old play list), or our March playlists. Sold? Thinking about it? Here's the Facebook event page. What can you expect from us this time around? We're looking at our playlist now, and it seems characteristically packed with recent, new, forthcoming and under-appreciated sounds from Boston, Philly, England and everywhere. It's how we roll, as you know by now. Come on by Thursday, you know you ain't getting anything done at the office Friday.

River Gods
125 River Street
Cambridge, MA

Accessible via Red Line at Central Square.

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DanP said...

I like the kind of music that people who say "iteration" like. :) :)