May 23, 2012

Be Prepared: The Karl Hendricks Trio | The Adult Section | 17 July

The Karl Hendricks Trio | The Adult Section | July 17

Veteran indie rock concern The Karl Hendricks Trio will release its 10th long-player, The Adult Section, July 17 on the Comedy Minus One record label. The nine-song collection, said to be "dialed-in," "brisk" and "focused," is available in a limited edition of 500 LPs that come packaged with a CD for the convenience of today's modern listener. Pre-orders have already begun, and the first 25 such orders will be bundled with a 7" single "Thank God We Have Limes" b/w "Say Hi To The Girls," released by a preceding iteration of Mr. Hendricks' band, The Karl Hendricks Rock Band. As an added bonus, pre-orders are promised to be posted as much as a month ahead of the new collection's street date.

The Karl Hendricks Trio, if you are unfamiliar with the Pittsburgh-based act, has over the past 20 years released an impressively consistent catalogue of often loud, occasionially humorous, sometimes sad and sometimes powerfully vitriolic rock music. To fans, and we count ourselves among their number, songs like "Stupidhead," "Foolish Words Of A Woman In Love," "The Scoffer's Reply," "Flowers Avenue," "Somewhere A Weekend Of Sin" and "The Summer Of Warm Beer" are massively important girders underpinning the firmament of indie rock. A stunning preview track from The Adult Section has already been made available via the blog for the Low Times podcast, "The Men's Room At The Airport." The song's searing, dense guitar attack and characteristically understated vocal indicate that Mr. Hendricks' powers of rock remain formidable and impressive. Check out the new song via the embed below, and, if you like what you hear, head over to Low Times for the download and then proceed over to Comedy Minus One to pre-order the entire collection. If you pass Go, collect $200.

Longtime readers may recall that Comedy Minus One digitally reissued Karl Hendricks Trio's debut Buick Electra in 2007 [link] and the band's classic 1995 conflagration A Gesture Of Kindness in 2008 [link]. Speaking of Low Times, the excellent podcast devoted a portion of episode seven to an interview with Mr Hendricks that we highly recommend to your attention. Less recently, readers may recall Mr. Hendricks' 2011 appearance for Draw Us Line's Echo Chamber series, performing stirring renditions of "You're A Bigger Jerk Than Me" and "Dreams Ha" after hours in a gallery at Pittsburgh's Children's Museum. We reviewed The Karl Hendricks Rock Band's The World Says here a disturbingly remote five years ago. Bring on July.