September 9, 2012

Nosferatu D2 Legacy Revisited, Remastered Recording Of Final Show Now Available From Audio Antihero

The mighty, mighty Nosferatu D2, in their prime

The legacy of largely overlooked but wholly genius indie rock duo Nosferatu D2 has experienced yet another unlikely echo, as an enterprising reporter with PRI's "The World" radio program last month once more amplified the startling singularity of the defunct Croydon, England band. Featuring interviews with fronter Ben Parker, who these days is writing plays and fronting an expanded version of his Superman Revenge Squad, as well as Audio Antihero Records founder Jamie Halliday, the radio piece is embedded below, and is very much worth a listen. We've written perhaps more words than anyone about Nosferatu D2 and Mr. Parker, who formed the band with his brother and largely architected its uncompromising attack: clean but aggressive guitar, thermonuclear drumming and more desperately dark lyrics than often could be contained by the meter of the verses. "The World" reporter Brendan Mattox gets great stuff. Of the band's dissolution in 2007, Parker tells him, "I think I realized how angry we were. And how I almost had to put on this angry persona to play the gigs for Nosferatu D2." And then Mr. Mattox breaks a little news, which is now made manifest: today, almost three years after Audio Antihero launched with its maiden title, Nosferatu D2's We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Headphones On To Block Out The Noise, the label is releasing for free a remastered version of a live recording of the Croydonites' final show.

On March 5, 2007, the band performed on a bill with two other then-young acts that have since gone on to much wider acclaim: Los Campesinos! and Sky Larkin. No one apparently knew at the time this was to be ND2's last show, and the cracking bill speaks optimistically about the prospects for all three acts. Los Campesinos! had just release a debut single and was weeks away from signing with Arts & Crafts. Notably, Gareth Campesinos! was an ND2 fan and championed the act's full-length upon Audio Antihero's release of same in 2009, giving the full length what was likely its biggest boost up until "The World" aired its piece a couple weeks ago. Much like We're Gonna Walk Around This City..., the live show recording was previously available -- at least back in 2007 -- as a free download on Last.FM, although, originally the opener "Colonel Parker" was omitted because the first few seconds weren't recorded. Audio Antihero has enlisted label signatory (and brilliant recording artist in his own right) Benjamin Shaw to remaster the live set, which is now available for free download right here. Considering the basic manner in which we expect this audience recording was made, the sound quality is quite good, and we highly recommend you acquire this important document of an amazing act. It includes tracks not present on Nosferatu D2's sole release (although completists will recognize certain of them from compilations released in recent years). Chief among these rarities is the taut rocker "Man At War With Himself," an unforgiving and desperate tune splattered by drums that abruptly halts well short of two minutes after hinting at a chorus that ends before it becomes obvious. It's a special song from a remarkable snapshot of a band taken from us before its time. Listen to "Man At War With Himself" via the embed below, then click through the get the entire eight-song set.

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