September 25, 2012

Soccer Mom, Suicide Dolls, Infinity Girl And Golden Gurls at Tiger Mountain | Radio | 28 Sept.

Tiger Mountain with Infinity Girl, Soccer Mom, Golden Gurls and Suicide Dolls
This bill. It's too insane. It's the product of some smart people saying, hey, we've got two great bills in the Boston area on Sept. 28, why not graft them together, like, say Rosey Greer and Ray Milland in "The Thing With Two Heads?" It's the product of event planners thinking like music fans, which in this case of course they are, and which is why Friday night's Tiger Mountain dance party is going to be a knock-out. You've got the first area appearance of Baltimore's Golden Gurls, riding high on the strength of their full-length debut Typo Magic. Connecticut's Suicide Dolls are fresh from covering Circle Jerks' "When The Shit Hit The Fan" on American Laundomat Records' "Repo Man" tribute comp, which was released to acclaim last week. Local shoegaze behemoth Soccer Mom is turning out the best live shows of its career, and new Boston sensations Infinity Girl have been delivering devastating performances despite their relative new-comer status. The fact that we'll get to see all of this in the same night is mind-boggling. Don't blow it; get to Radio in Somerville at 8:30 sharp to see Soccer Mom kick off a night that people will talk about for weeks to come. And AND AND tune in to Clicky Clicky tomorrow morning when you get to your desk to read our feature interview with Golden Gurls' Andrew Mabry. And now, how about some songs?

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