October 21, 2012

New Video Hype For Clicky Clicky Music Blog's Community Servings Benefit Show Nov. 7

As we've stated previously, but are reiterating now because HEYCOOOLNEWPROMOVIDEORIGHT?, Clicky Clicky Music Blog is presenting a bill for the ages, four of the best bands *anywhere*, Wednesday, November 7, performing at Great Scott in Boston to raise money for one of the worthiest charities in all of the Commonwealth, Community Servings.

Guillermo Sexo_//_boston, ma
[web site]

Johnny Foreigner_//_birmingham, england
[web site]

Speedy Ortiz_//_northampton, ma
[web site]

Infinity Girl_//_boston, ma
[web site]


DOWNLOAD/SHARE the flyer designed by Lewes Herriot

Community Servings prepares and delivers daily free, nutritious meals to almost 800 chronically ill clients (as well as their caregivers and children) in 17 cities and towns in Massachusetts. If you'll permit us to copy and paste from Servings.org, Community Servings' web site, "meals are prepared with delicious, fresh foods and are packed with the nutrition needed to fight illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and lupus. To meet our clients' needs, we cater to their dietary restrictions, providing for 25 special diets."

Video courtesy of CDH Design.

Soundtrack: "Champagne Girls I Have Known," Johnny Foreigner
from the demos collection Every Day Is A Constant Battle

Video snippets borrowed from with good intentions:


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DanP said...

Nice poster, Lewes Herriot! Once again, I really wish I could be there!