October 25, 2012

And Then Some Days We Get Awesome Mail 13

Ringo Deathstarr -- Mauve

Well, this is from Tuesday's mail bag truth be told, but we are still quite excited. We purchased this via the band's PledgeMusic campaign so very long ago, and had been enjoying the MP3s of same so much already, that we completely had no idea what this was when the 12 inch-square box arrived. But yes, it is the autographed vinyl of the mighty Ringo Deathstarr's Mauve, certainly one of the best records of 2012. The dust sleeve's seams were split when the record arrived and the plastic outer sleeve a little wrinkled, but the vinyl plays like a dream to our delight and our children's befuddlement. Ringo Deathstarr have been out touring the record since late August, and word came down via Twitter in the last 24 hours or so that the Austin-based shoegaze titans will have to postpone a scheduled European leg. But we expect that is but a temporary set-back. By all accounts the band's headlining set at Deep Heaven Now 6 here in Boston last week was terrific, and we are disappointed not to have seen it. But having this LP is certainly some small consolation, and we plan to blast this on the turntable all weekend long. Our own Edward Charlton reviewed Mauve for us here last month. Haven't heard the record? We've embedded below the psychosexyslowjam "Brightest Star." Purchase the entire thing from Sonic Unyon right here.

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DanP said...

Ha! Such a coincidence! I just got home from seeing Ringo Deathstarr here in DC. They were amazing. Of course, I suppose. Dead Leaf Echo played as well and was equally amazing! And also coincidentally regarding this post, RD signed my copy of the vinyl of Mauve. I should take a photo of it; they were most creative with their "signatures." I haven't even listened to the album yet! It was apparently waiting for me downstairs in the rental office about a week, but I didn't know because I didn't get the usual notice in the mailbox...Might post a few photos from the show somewhere.