October 15, 2012

YouTube Rodeo: Pop Savants Screaming Maldini Chase Down "Summer, Somewhere"

We've been writing about it for weeks, and the day has finally arrived: today "Summer, Somewhere," the triumphant second single from Screaming Maldini's hotly anticipated self-titled debut, is released to the world. Said release was heralded at the weekend by the video embedded atop this item, a wholly arresting and appropriately wide-screened visual for the stirring track. There's a lot to like, from the entrancing performance of Gina Maldini singing the lead to the dynamic cuts and editing that pace the gripping clip. The natural scenery is impossibly amazing, and creates a charged setting -- on a bluff next to a fogged-in canyon -- for the band to jam out the song's chiming final moments. You'll watch it again and again, to ponder the meaning of the ol' switcharoo, to get a closer look at Gina's nifty chronograph earrings, and to feel that hook hit you again and again.

Despite our prior reportage, there are some thing we have not yet told you about the Sheffield, England pop maximalists' single. First, it contains yet another version of the band's amazing early track "The Extrordinary," which long-time fans will recall was one of the earliest tracks circulated by the band way back in 2009, back when we were all young and not exhausted. The Sheffield sextet held a remix contest from which it chose entries to include on the new EP, and the winning creations are splendid. First, Rosie E (the nomme de remix of English comedian Matt Berry, he of "IT Crowd" and something called "Mighty Boosh") returns a punchy and stuttering iteration of the title track. That is backed up by a denser, more chilled remix from Fridge Poetry, the recently commissioned electropop sideline of totally righteous Johnny Foreigner drummer Junior Elvis Washington Laidley; we previously wrote about Fridge Poetry here. A radio edit of "Summer, Somewhere" rounds out the single, the entirety of which you can stream at Bandcamp here and via the embed below.

The full-lengthed Screaming Maldini is slated for release in early 2013 via the band's English and French labels, the inimitable Alcopop! and HipHipHip respectively, both of whom co-released the single this day. "Summer, Somewhere" is available digitally and on very limited edition CD for 2.50 pounds sterling. Tomorrow, which is already today in England, folks (that's how this thing works, don't ya know?) the Sheffield sextet travels down to XFM London to record an acoustic session with John Kennedy, something we hope we'll be hearing more of soon.

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