January 7, 2013

YouTube Rodeo: Skyjelly Floats Through "Providence"

Long-running experimental/ambient guitar project Skyjelly appears at Cambridge, Mass.'s illustrious All Asia Cafe tomorrow night for the venue's apparently weekly psychedelic program Scooby Snacks. We honestly don't know a whole lot about Skyjelly beyond the nagging memory that the project has some relation to the totally quality veteran indie act Wheat. Which may or may not be true, our mind likes to make up convenient "facts" now and again. Honestly, it's the music that matters: if you want in on some serious vibe music tomorrow night in Cambridge, we think you obviously want to go with a night called Scooby Snacks. Music starts at 9. For a taste of what you're in for, we're posting an appropriately placid video for Skyjelly's stingingly beautiful droner "Providence" above. You can also stream the thing -- which was apparently recorded live at a performance at RISD in October and features accompaniment by Caitlin Strokosch on cello-- at Soundcloud right here, if that's your thing. Things.

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