January 26, 2013

Golden Gurls For Damnably U.K. Record Store Day Exclusive

Golden Gurls pimp large

The handy counter at the U.K. Record Store Day web site says it is still more than 80 days away -- too soon to start talking about it? Hell yes -- who needs the holiday creepage, am I RIGHT? Except EXCEPT WAIT -- one of Clicky Clicky's favorite records of 2012, Golden Gurls' self-released 11-song dynamo Typo Magic, is being picked up by U.K. label Damnably for a limited edition Record Store Day exclusive, meaning readers across the pond will finally get a chance to own a physical manifestation of this awesome record (well, CD) without having to go through the hassle of paying international postage on the dealy. This is good news. We reviewed Typo Magic here in May, and then ran a fairly comprehensive review with fronter Andrew Mabry right here in September. The record is filled with dense, snarling guitars and understated vocals, big melodies wedged into some barely controlled energy. It's an incredibly gratifying record that is well deserving of broader acclaim and a U.K. push. Not that Golden Gurls are standing still; at the moment that band is writing songs for a second long player with studio time booked for March. But to all you U.K. youth reading this, we say get on your lorries or your tubes or however you do it and get to your Rough Trades or your Banquets or whoever will be selling the best records on Record Store Day, as we expect those sorts of places are going to be the places you'll be able to score Typo Magic. You want that. Incidentally, Damnably has told us it will also do a Record Store Day exclusive 7" of the Bored Spies release we wrote about Friday; the single will also be released in Singapore, but no one reads us in Singapore. Right? Maybe? Show us a sign, Singapore!


snake zhang said...

We are reading your blog in SG

Unknown said...

Alright Singapore!!