January 10, 2013

And Then Some Days We Get Awesome Mail 14

Lubec -- Wilderness Days and bonus material

Behold! The long-awaited, ridiculously deluxe Wilderness Days LP by Lubec finally arrived on our doorstep yesterday, and it is a monster. The LP itself is blinding white and about as thick as the filling in an Oreo. The t-shirt, which we are presently wearing, is understated cool. There's notated lyric sheets, inexplicable vintage photos and negatives, a hand-written poem, and something like a hand-crafted spiral scorebook/notebook thingy made partially from Uno cards that has the lyrics to the chorus of the title track arrayed in one-word bites across the pages of the book. And while there is a notation in the package that we were fortunate enough to receive copy 1 of the limited edition of 300 LPs, the coolest thing about it all is the most self-evident thing: when we put this thing on our turntable, it plays the awesome music from the album! We reviewed Wilderness Days here in November. Get your copy -- with all the extra fixin's -- right here, right now, while they last.

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DanP said...

holy cow, quite the package!