May 27, 2013

New Music Night 10 with DJs Brad Almanac + Jay Clicky Clicky | River Gods | 30 May

New Music Night 10 with DJs Brad Almanac + Jay Clicky Clicky

So the endless winter ended. Unless you live in that one place in upstate New York that just got 34 inches of snow. But you don't live there, do you? You don't even know where that town is. Hopefully, a fair lot of you live proximal to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where New Music Night returns for its TENTH manifestation Thursday, May 30, at River Gods. Your faithful aural tour guides de rock for NMN continue to be Brad of Bradley's Almanac and Jay of Clicky Clicky, and it all happens from 9PM-1AM. We've been collecting and weighing the relative merits of all of the newest, bestest music for the last 60 days or so, and we are excited to share with you all the fruits of our research: new music, and even more music so new it is not even new yet... it is in like a primordial, gaseous state, dark matter. Sunspots. Plate tectonics. Gargamel. For a sense of what you're getting into, check out Brad's playlist from the March event, or our very own. Solid. Sold? Thinking about it? Here's the Facebook event page, why not click on over and pledge your allegiance?

This one's for Rock.

River Gods
125 River Street
Cambridge, MA

Accessible via Red Line at Central Square.

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