May 23, 2013

We Heartily Endorse This Product And / Or Service: The Scrutiny Podcast

The Scrutiny Podcast Episode IV sponsored by Clicky Clicky Music Blog

Another podcast, ugh. Right? We already were devoted to a nice, small, round number of podcasts before The Scrutiny Podcast came along, and then it had the gall to be intelligent, engaging and funny. So now we have to listen to the goddamn thing every time they make one. In fact, right after we heard the first one in January, we contacted host Cameron Keiber about a possible sponsorship, because Mr. Keiber and be-hatted co-host Richard Bouchard bring a smart, informed and appealingly (that's gotta be a word, right?) unfiltered vantage point to the topics they grapple with. And there is personal growth, man: in this fourth episode, sponsored by Clicky Clicky and embedded below, Keiber actually admits to softening his much-belabored position on Kickstarter! One of the subtexts of The Scrutiny Podcast we love is listening to Keiber kind of work out his own issues with the microphone on. And jeez, let's not forget about Mr. Bouchard, who in Scrutiny Episode IV: A New Hope delivers the following golden quote: "The problem for me [with Kickstarter], is that it annoys me." Which, when we type it out, we suppose, it doesn't look quite as funny as it was when he said it; just trust us.

Episode IV, of course, is not just concerned with Kickstarter. In the second hour guests Katrina Galore, Chris Barrett, Ruby Rose Fox and the intrepid hosts weigh topics including the bizarre crackdown on house shows in Boston by law enforcement (ineptly) posing as rock fans on Facebook; venue licensing weirdness; whether or not local blogs are too nice [fuck you -- Ed.]; and what is the appropriate role of music criticism in a small music ecosystem ("the scene," man). While all of the above is well and good, none of it is our favorite part about Scrutiny. Our favorite part is the chemistry between Keiber and Bouchard: the pair's witty sparring reminds us of the best buddy films, like, say, the modern classic "48 Hrs." We don't want to spoil it, but in the 87th minute of this edition of Scrutiny there is a subtle two-word burn of Keiber delivered by Bouchard that will make you laugh out loud, or "LOL," as the kids say. So go ahead, listen to it. We heartily endorse this product and/or service, The Scrutiny Podcast. Stream it via the embed below, or click the button to download it and take it with you as you walk about doing your thing. Learn more over at the Midriff Records blog and the podcast's Facebook domicile.

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