May 12, 2013

YouTube Rodeo: Johnny Foreigner's All-Seeing "Le Sigh"

Earlier this week Birmingham, England-based noise pop titans Johnny Foreigner threw back the curtain on the video above, a "Timecode"-styled clip for a new song called "Le Sigh," a bracing rocker in the vein of some of the band's early work (the bit "of a copy of a copy of a copy..." reminds us of "Dressed Like Emily," a hot one collected up on the early demos set Every Day Is A Constant Battle). "Le Sigh" will feature on a forthcoming EP, according to this Facebook post. There had been talk of a single on Alcopop! coming this summer, and we're going to go ahead and assume -- whether facts bear it out, we shall see -- that the extraordinarily prolific band was thinking single in their collective brain, then went into the studio and walked out with an EP. The words to "Le Sigh" were posted to Johnny Foreigner's tumblr right here, so European fans should be ready to sing along when the band embarks of a continental tour early next month (study up, kids!). The dates for that sojourn are posted right here. The band kicks the tour off with a SHHHHH SECRET HOMETOWN SHOW at a presently undisclosed location June 5, and then hops across the ocean for a strand of dates including one in Zagreb, where we once spent a lovely half-hour in the police station at 5AM in 1997, because police with machine guns are very convincing, even despite the language barrier. As a rabid fan of Johnny Foreigner, we swoon at the prospect of a new release and a new album cycle. It's an exciting time to be a fan, and we're hopeful the band can be convinced that after Europe, a return trip to America would be a great way to spend the late fall. In the meantime, feel free to stream "Le Sigh" at will via the embed above. Johnny Foreigner's most recent collection was the digital-only EP Manhattan Projects, issued in March, which featured re-imagined and re-titled versions of a number of tunes from the quartet's catalog including "(Don't) Throw Us Your Slang" along with five other tunes. That EP is still on offer at Bandcamp (digital versions only) right here.

Johnny Foreigner: Internerds | Faceblerrrrrr | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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