September 5, 2013

Clicky Clicky's Choice: Our Abridged Version Of Samira Winter's Song A Day, And Hey Did You Know That's A Thing?

Samira Winter -- Song A Day (Clicky Clicky's Choice Abridged Version)

It's understandable if you had presumed you'd heard the last of Winter fronter Samira Winter for a while, in the wake of our post about the recent "Alligator" single, which included the news that Ms. Winter was relocating to the West Coast. Well, there is one loose end, something that no one else is telling you, something quite important. Ms. Winter launched an effort over the summer to write a song every day for 30 days running. Clicky Clicky usually takes announcements about such efforts with a grain of salt. Well, no, we usually ignore them. That's because the commitment such an effort requires is huge, and even if the songwriting streak is maintained and the goal is somehow reached, the results more often than not can be largely forgettable/regrettable. But here's the thing: Samira did it, and she did it surprisingly well. Not only are there a lot of really good, dreamy guitar pop songs, but you will find yourself returning to them again and again. The thing actually has an arc, it accelerates, and by the end of the 30 days Ms. Winter was routinely turning out very good songs every 24 hours or so; it's entrancing music, not dissimilar to the output of the band that bears her name, to be sure. But here there's the added excitement of hearing Ms. Winter working things out in sort of real time.

As good as it is, the proposition of listening to 30 songs is likely a bit more than the casual punter will want to commit to, though, right? That's where Clicky Clicky comes in. As we did in June with the voluminous Audio Antihero comp Regal vs. Steamboat, we've abridged Samira's Song A Day down to a Clicky Clicky's Choice of nine, chronologically ordered tracks listed below, a sort of faux album. We've placed the embeds for those songs below, as well. If you like what you hear, and we think you will, click this link and grab the entire 30-song collection. Don't even have the patience for nine songs? Just click on "Pretender" below -- that might be the best jam of the lot. Or maybe it's "Flower Tattoo." What will become of these songs? It's hard to say. Ms. Winter told Vanyaland she intends to continue collaborating with her bandmate Nolan Eley on new music, and there is some sort of planned 2014 release, so we're hopeful that these songs don't get thrown on a shelf and forgotten. Time will tell.

1. My Adoration

2. Parara

3. Like I Do

4. You're My Sound

5. Some Kind Of Surprise

6. Pretender

7. Flower Tattoo

8. Favorite Pretender

9. In My Head

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