January 24, 2014

New Music Night 14 DJ Sets | River Gods | 23/24 Jan.

New Music Night 14, River Gods, Cambridge, Jan. 23/24, 2013

New music! We played it! And we got older as it happened. BUT. But it made us feel younger, because awesome rock music is like that. It's what those guys were looking for in Florida. Not this guy. These guys. Anyway, that's not why you called. Here are the songs what we played whilst manning the figurative decks last night and into this birthday early morn in the booth at the fabulous River Gods in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mr. 'Nac and I spun the new sounds for the people, quite a crowd, a nice surprise considering the epic bill at Great Scott with which we were coincident. Our playlist is below; if you have any questions or want to know more about the songs below, hit us on Twitter or drop a comment. Also, please click over to Bradley's Almanac and check out Brad's playlists for the 9PM and 11PM hours, which have already been sitting on the Interzizzles for hours awaiting your curious eyes and twitchy fingaz. #NewMusicNight 15 will come at you, uh, sometime? Probably in March? Ready for more new in the oh-one-four? Sure you are.

SET TWO / 10PM / Jay
01. Speedy Ortiz -- "American Horror" -- Real Hair EP
[lead track to Real Hair EP due Feb. 11 / blogged / buy / stream]
02. Johnny Foreigner -- "Le Sigh" -- You Can Do Better
[first preview from epic fourth LP from noise-pop titans due March 10 / blogged / stream]
03. Happy Diving -- "As You Were" -- Happy Diving
[stellar SF losercore released Jan. 14 / blogged / stream+buy]
04. Ted Nguyent -- "Forever Growing Greasier" -- Don't Vote
[next-level Philly punk/chubstep released Jan. 19 / stream+buy]
05. Golden Gurls -- "Come On Over" -- After The Storm comp
[GG LP2 preview taken from Damnably typhoon benefit comp / stream+donate]
06. Lubec -- "The Thrall" -- The Thrall
[world premiere; this record is going to amaze.]
07. Goddam Nobody -- "Cut And Paste To Waste" -- Art Is Hard Pizza Club 2014
[blogged / stream+subscribe]
08. Dios Mio -- "Proto" -- Proto
[lovely dream-pop that bubbled up late last year from this surprisingly Wartgore Hellsnicker-related project / stream+download]
09. Grass Is Green -- "Another Song Called Supersoaker" -- Vacation Vinny
[released Jan. 14 / release show tomorrow night / review / stream+buy]
10. Legs -- "Tonight" -- Just A Bit More Legs
[highlight from an odds 'n' sods thingo issued Jan. 21 / download]
11. White Laces -- (secret surprise song from recently completed LP2)
[world premiere numero dos!]
12. Guillermo Sexo -- "Long Lines" -- Mobtown Session B-side
13. Bill Janovitz -- "Lost Against The Twilight"
[posted Jan. 6 / Bill's back in the bunker, seemingly on a New Order binge / download]
14. Emerald Comets -- "Arctic Matchsticks" -- Emerald Comets EP
[issued Jan. 18 / blogged / download]
15. Benjamin Shaw-- "Goodbye Cajoule World" -- Goodbye Cajoule World
[third world premiere found in this set of music? probably / watch this space]
16. Krill -- "Fresh Pond" -- Steve Hears Pile In Malden And Bursts Into Tears EP
[due Feb. 18 / the only thing I can remember about this theater is seeing the extended version of "The Exorcist" there and Linda Blair turned into a spider or some crazy shizz and people laughed / release show / buy]
SET FOUR / 12 AM / Jay
01. Sock Puppets -- "Cute Boys Are Cute" -- The 100 Club Series Vol. 2
[48 seconds of euphoria from Odd Box comp due Feb. 10 / subscribe]
02. Happy Diving -- "Complacent" -- Happy Diving
[from an EP so nice we dipped in twice / stream+buy]
03. Protomartyr -- "Scum Rise" -- Under Color Of Official Right
[dark Detroit sounds from album due April 8 / blogged / stream]
04. The Weaks -- "Instantaneous Vertical Speed" -- The World Is A Terrible Place & I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
[Philly pop-punk faves deliver mightily on debut one-sided 12" coming Feb. 11 / pre-order]
05. Brawlers -- "Instagram Famous"
[the latest sensation from Alcopop! nation / download]
06. Ava Luna -- "Daydream" -- Electric Balloon
[futurepop delight from the guys who recorded all your favorites, LP due March 4 / download]
07. The New Mendicants -- "Shouting Match" -- Into The Lime
[this record is out Tuesday and is enjoyable through and through / buy it]
08. Princess Reason -- "History Major"
[new bedroom pop from new bedroom pop song-maker, issued Jan. 19 / download]
09. 55 BPM -- "Someday"
[folksier new direction for this act, unveiled Jan. 21 / download]
10. Heyward Howkins -- "Cuttlefish Blues" -- IPhone demo
[speaking of folk, a relatively fresh one from Mr. Howkins, posted in late Dec. / download]
11. Capers Avenue -- "I Love When I Can See My Heartbeat Through My Chest"
[props to EB for turning us on to this engaging bit of quirk, which popped up Nov. 21 / download]
12. Steiner -- "I Seem To Glimpse You In Every Window (II)" -- At Or From A Distance
[blogged / pre-order from Jan. 31 / stream]

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