March 27, 2014

Boston: Here's Your Weekend, By Dillon, You're Welcome

Boston: Your Weekend, By Dillon, You're Welcome

After perusing the Internerds, weighing intently various social media invites/life surveillance checkpoints and surveying the websites of the many reputable rock clubs about town, we have determined that -- rain notwithstanding -- this weekend will truly be one of the greats. Yes, there have been many good weekends of rock music thus far in 2014. But this coming weekend, good people of Boston, this weekend has a seemingly endless slate of hot-shit rock shows lined up across the various stages and neighborhoods that make up our blessed little scene. One may be so bold as to call this weekend a real humdinger, although you didn’t hear it from us. Wait, scratch that, do tell people, we like the attention. And so we decree that this weekend shall be known as The First Great Rock Weekend Of 2014. To support our argument, below you will find compiled into a tidy list of all the cool, hip, and perhaps even fun goings on around town this weekend. Below that are selected new rock sounds of the season from the hitmakers of the day. New, elegiac grunge from Boston destroyers Pile? Check. Dark, thumping jangle from The Hub's Fat Creeps? Check again. New fuzz-and-reverb sandwich from Philly nugaze combo Creepoid's forthcoming Record Store Day 12"? That's an affirmative. Is our list comprehensive? Absolutely not. Should you go to these shows? Why, yes, yes you should. -- Dillon Riley

Saturday, March 29

Applejam Productions Presents: Ovlov, Disco Doom (Switzerland!), LVL UP and Indian Twin @ The Crane Room (Tufts University) 8:30PM / FREE >> Facebook Event

Creepoid, Bong Wish, Reformer and Headmaster @ Lilypad 9 PM >> Facebook Event

Sunday, March 30

Pile "Special Snowflakes" 7" Release Show @ Great Scott with Ovlov, Disco Doom (Seriously, Switzerland!!), LVL UP, Krill and, of course, the almighty Pile 8:30PM / $10 >> Facebook Event

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead performing Source Tags & Codes in full @ TT The Bear's with La Femme, Midnight Masses 8:30PM / $20 >> Facebook Event

Eye Design Presents: Dead Rider, Guerilla Toss, Horsehands and Bunnies @ Middlesex Lounge 9PM / $8 >> Facebook Event

Fast Apple Presents: Fat Creeps, Tacocat, Miami Doritos and Dylan Ewan @ The Womb (Ask A Punk!) 7PM / $5 Suggested Donation >> Facebook Event
As we stated above, the Creepoid tune is from the act's planned Record Store Day release, which means you need to drop into a with-it retailer April 19 to score it. Fat Creeps' "Comes In Loudly" is from a full-length expected to be released by Portland, Ore.'s Gnar Tapes on a cassette (surprise, surprise) later this spring. Pile's absolute DEVESTATOR "Special Snowflakes" b/w "Mama's Lipstick" will be on sale at Great Scott Sunday, we reckon, but you may also pre-order it using your Interpants right here. In the meantime, embrace with your ears the secular rockulidge:

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