June 9, 2015

Premiere: School Shoes' Alluring Summer Tape 2015

Premiere: School Shoes' Sunny Summer Tape 2015

We are very pleased to premiere today two new tunes from Boston dream-pop concern School Shoes, a collective centered around the songwriting of Ty Ueda. Attentive readers will recall School Shoes made a mighty splash with its beautiful and 'gazey strummer "Cults" back in late 2013, which we wrote about right here. The act -- which in its live manifestation can include TJ Fredia, Brian Nogueira, Lina Tullgren, Zane McDaniel and Adam Taylor Young -- is intently focused on the "quality" side of the old quality vs. quantity duality, as besides "Cults," its thrilling b-side "Dress," and a darker, grittier demo titled "Animal Sex" released in Sept. 2014, there has been no new music to satisfy the yen of fans. That all changes today, as Mr. Ueda -- freshly back from a semester in Central Europe -- is self-releasing Summer Tape 2015, which touts two tunes, the new guitar-pop gem "Jerry," and an alternate version of the aforementioned 2013 A-side titled "Cults (Demo Take 2)."

Both songs were recorded by Ueda: "Cults" last winter on a reel-to-reel machine in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood, and "Jerry" more recently, partially in JP but primarily in the Czech Republic. Commencing with slap-suck hi-hat and delicious snare cracks, "Jerry" features the act's quickest tempo and most forthright attack to date. However, as the song blossoms within waist-deep reverb, Ueda's echoing murmur and clean, picked guitar notes signal that School Shoes has not dramatically changed up its reliable dream-pop recipe. The choice to revisit "Cults" is interesting, as the previous version feels about perfect, weightless yet urgent. But Ueda cops to a bit of a perfectionist bent, which we expect is one reason for the band's limited output to date, and also perhaps a reason why he wanted to present a different perspective on a tremendous song. Summer Tape 2015 -- as was "Animal Sex" -- is billed as demos for a forthcoming full length release, and the collective is said to be at work this very month on the long-planned LP. Stream "Jerry" b/w "Cults (Demo Take 2)" via the Soundcloud embed below, and click through this link to purchase your very own tangible copy on cassette tape (cassettes will ship on or before July 1, and will also be available at shows). With Ueda back from his travels, we expect Boston fans will begin seeing School Shoes popping up on local bills, so vigilantly traffic the various listed social media outlets.

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