June 30, 2015

Clicky Clicky Presents: Infinity Girl, Lubec, Guillermo Sexo, HavaniaWhaal | Great Scott, Boston | 9 July

Clicky Clicky Presents: Infinity Girl, Lubec, Guillermo Sexo, Havania Whaal | Great Scott, Boston | 9 July

We promised an official announcement weeks ago when the date gelled, but, well, we've been busy, you've been busy, Mercury was in retrograde, etc. But here we are, with the big, big official announcement of our second Clicky Clicky Presents event (if you count the Together series as one thing) of 2015: July 9. Great Scott rock club in Boston. Infinity Girl. Lubec. Guillermo Sexo. Havania Whaal.

Es correcto! That's just 10 days hence. And these bands have stuff going on. Shoegaze titans Infinity Girl recently announced they had signed with Topshelf Records, and its sophomore album Harm will be released in August. The Brooklyn four's first preview single made a splash on the Internerds, and we can assure readers that any other preview singles -- should they come along -- will also blow minds. Portland, OR dream-pop gigantes Lubec are prepping a new vinyl and cassette release featuring the tunes "Concentration" and, as the embed below illustrates, "Many Worlds." Boston psych-pop stalwarts Guillermo Sexo launched early this month a very, very cool video for its new tune "Graffiti Sky," which is the first taste of its forthcoming sixth long-player Eclipse, due this fall, likely on the Midriff Records imprint. And Havania Whaal just loosed to the wilds of the Interpants an engaging, moody concept record titled 13 A.D. And not only does this particular bill epitomize the descriptor "stacked," it is the first night of Lubec and Havania Whaal's East Coast tour, which will dreamily blitzkrieg venues from Boston to Jacksonville over the course of 10 big nights; full tour dates are right here. Look for posters trumpeting the Boston date around town now, designed by Lubec drummer Matt Dressen and now situated in your general vicinity and visual field courtesy of the skilled hands of Staff Writer Dillon Riley.

There is a Facebook event page for the Boston date, as well, and we encourage you to hit this link and pledge your allegiance now so we know you are coming. And tickets! Buy tickets, tickets for you, tickets for your roommate, tickets for you mom. We'd like that, as the more tickets you buy, the more faith the nice people at Great Scott have in us when we pitch bills in the future. While you wait for the big day to arrive, soak up some sounds from the four bands on the bill via the various embeds below. They will complete you.

Infinity Girl: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud

Lubec: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud

Guillermo Sexo: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud

Havania Whaal: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud


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