November 16, 2015

A Very Clicky Clicksgiving with Philosophical Zombie, Prom Night, New Dark Arts | O'Brien's Pub | 18 Nov.

A Very Clicky Clicksgiving with Philosophical Zombie, Prom Night, New Dark Arts | O'Brien's Pub | 18 Nov.

As mentioned previously, yr friends here at Clicky Clicky are putting together a series of now-sound rock shows at famed neighborhood establishment O'Brien's Pub in Allston Rock City. The next entry is this Wednesday, when we will be complicit in presenting three new Boston acts on the club's famed corner stage. We're calling this one A Very Clicky Clicksgiving and you are all cordially invited to come early, stay late and drink a beer (if you are so inclined/legally able). Bring some earplugs, cause it'll get loud. So what's on auditory tap?

Top-lining the event is the garagey indie project Philosophical Zombie, the latest outing from scene veteran Ted Billings, formerly of Age Rings and Slater. Wednesday's show serves as the Boston record release party for PZ's bracing debut long player Loneliness Is Blue And Not Blue. The collection presents something of a slightly more spontaneous approach to Billings' music, although it does not sacrifice any of the immense songwriting talent that has made him a person of interest on this blog during the last several years; indeed, Billings' last Age Rings record and the solo record that closely followed were among Clicky Clicky's favorite records of 2011 and 2012, respectively. The rap is that the 10 songs that comprise Loneliness are the results of a writing exercise, and, with the encouragement and blessing of the fine folks behind Killer Wail Records, are presented mostly unretouched. Which is not to say that the record feels rushed or even incomplete -- quite the contrary -- but rather that it brims with potent urgency emphasized by an in-the-red production style. Loneliness Is Blue And Not Blue's best moments, such as opener "All Men" and "Father John," are fuzzy and distorted but never hazy, propelled by driving, insistent rhythms toward ready hooks. Closer "Wedding" tops both with Billings' shouted and sharply panned vocal tracks heard bouncing between shards of heavy down-stroked guitar. It's a dizzying effect that again meshes well with the live, fresh feel of the recording. Loneliness Is Blue And Not Blue is out now via New York based Killer Wail, and we are pleased to present below a stream of "Ash And Her," a more tender moment from the set that still leans heavily on guitars. Digital copies of the record are on offer right here.

Along for the ride Wednesday are area indie concerns New Dark Arts and Prom Night, two bands that orbit the same scene-iverse as those Boston acts we highlighted earlier this year in our Class of 2015 overview. New Dark Arts is the newly rebranded, emo-tinged indie rock project from Collin Coviello, a Boston transplant heretofore known for his work in BDAY BOY. Prom Night is a darker, denser, horror film-themed shoegaze project of Elizabeth Colour Wheel principle Mike Costa, who coincidentally also contributes drumming to New Dark Arts. Check out music from both acts via the embeds below. The show's particulars are all laid our in this Facebook event page, but to sum up: doors Wednesday are at 8:30 PM, it’s 18+ and the ticket will set you back eight American dollars. Speaking of tickets, those of you who like to plan ahead may acquire some at this link. -- Dillon Riley

Philosophical Zombie: Facebook
Prom Night: Bandcamp | Facebook
New Dark Arts: Bandcamp | Facebook

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