April 27, 2004

"Let's not talk today, words just get in the way."-Versus

So everybody has been pimping this fantastic Courtney Love interview, but if you haven't actually clicked through and read it, you are definitely missing out. So go ahead. Do it. We'll be waiting for you here when you get back.

Fluxblog has been pimping a lot of great music lately, so you should go check that out, too.

As promised, Junkmedia has returned. While it has been down I have been getting kind of hooked on ILM, the ultimate outpost of music snootery. There is a real interesting look at Pitchforkmedia's ratings system today, including the opinionz of some 4K writers. Go check it out.

I am planning on letting my subscription to XLR8R magazine run out. Tho this month's edition comes with a CD sampler featuring Lali Puna, Colleen, Slicker and Telefon Tel Aviv. That is pretty damn awesome. I can't wait to hear the tracks. Which leads me to a discussion of all the stuff I have coming in the mail...

Lali Puna's Faking The Books and Les Savy Fav's Inches should be hitting my inbox at work soon. As should Versus' The Stars Are Insane. I am VERY excited about the Versus record. It is one of the first indie releases I ever got -- "got" meaning taped from the radio station at Villanova University, where I dj'd the summer after sophomore year in college, in between Bucknell and Wesleyan. The album is wall-to-wall rock and roll music, almost every song is rad. Anyway, I have been tracking down these early and usually out of print releases that I have only had on tape so I can upgrade and listen in revery to the music once more -- in the new condo the tapes are in beer boxes in the basement three stories down, so I am not likely to really go down there for something unless it is absolutely imperative. Anyway, the Les Savy Fav record should be cool, too, because it comes with a bonus DVD. I don't remember what's on it, but hey, free picture disc thingy that makes noises and pictures on my light box. Cool!

Lopez and I are trying out Netflix. Large-Hearted Boy posted some funny musings about your NetFlix list being the measure of hipness in NYC or or somewhere like that. We have received our three movies, but so far have only watched about 25 minutes of one of them so far, the Bob Dylan documentary Don't Look Back. The film is kind of boring. I think we'll skip the rest of it.

Right now Lopez has Gilmore Girls on the television set. Beleive it or not, Sebastian Bach from the metal band (erstwhile) is in the show, I shit you not. It is really funny. He is playing in a band with a bunch of 18 year olds in the show. And he works in a sandwich shop. I don't know it is just really funny. The Sebastian Bach part that is -- the show sort of bites.

Finally, the New York Times has a very interesting article about a Ramones documentary that may or may not see the light of day. I am sure cooler people than me knew this, but apparently the members of the band hated eachother, and Joey and Johnny didn't talk for like 17 years. They just played together on stage. How whacked is that? [ADDENDUM: The Good Doctor points out the following: "Johnny married Joey's girlfriend, yes, but also Joey was a die-hard liberal and Johnny remains a die-hard hawk Republican, who once said to me, 'Foreigners just refuse to acknowledge American superiority.' Johnny also once said, not to me, but in my presence, that he does not like music and is only interested in baseball."]

Anyhoo. That is all.

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