April 27, 2004

"You lost more than that in my back seat." - Bon Jovi

What the hell, here is a new MP3. This is an astonishingly great cover of Jovi's "Never Say Goodbye," perpetrated by one Jeff Stern, a.k.a. Mr. Self Help. Jeff recorded this, so far as I remember, whilst in Olympia, WA. He recorded a bunch of songs to dictaphone and sent the cassette to The Broken Washing Machine, Mr. Obb. The Obbinator loaned the cassette to me in 97. The rest is history. Anyhoo, Stern has a crazy sense of humour, and the fact that this song is sung in such a monotone deadpan can be extremely funny while also underscoring in the obverse some of the heartbreaking sentimentality that lay below the surface of the pop metal power ballad original. So here it is, a man, a casio and a dream. Jeff Stern's "Never Say Goodbye."

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