April 15, 2004

"You've got a nerve to be calling my number." - The Walkmen

So the move is 95% complete. Well, 90%. The landline phone is still all messed up and there are other issues with the accoutrements of the condo, but in terms of possessions, I'd say we are 98% of the way there. That ain't so bad. The condo is growing on me. For the first few days after the move we were just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of our detritus. But as we slowly get things situated, things are starting to look pretty good. As my homies in WPRS used to say even tho we were several hundred miles apart during college, you should try to stop by.

That shit about Wierd Al Yankovic is a shame. It is hard for me to pinpoint why that may or may not be more of a shame than, say, that twin sister getting killed in Iraq, or anybody getting killed anywhere for anything. But his reported comments in the lowly Metro publication (and here, in the SJMN, a real publication) struck a chord. Maybe it is the sad clown archetype thing. Whatever.

As usual, March and April have been gangbusters for scorching hot rock and roll shows in Cambridge and Boston. Of course I haven't see any of them. Maybe later this month. I did see the Shins and hear New Pornographers on Lopez's favorite Tuesday night show, Gilmore Girls, the other night (ably blogged about here at the very good Big Ticket). Who would have thought that Lopez's mainstream TV interests and my indie music interests would ever merge. That is a strange thing.

Also good is the Royal City video and the live Iron & Wine cuts pointed to by The Catbird Seat. Check that stuff out. I saw Royal City headline a Trouble With Sweeney date me and Logie went to check out 'cause Rob V. was hitting the skins for Sweeney. A first-rate Canadian rock ensemble, is the Royal City. Finally, Large-Hearted Boy is linking to a bootleg of the first Pixies reunion show. I don't feel like going to the trouble of checking it out myself, but email if you do and it is any good.

I've never really gotten Sleater-Kinney and I was glad to see Clap Clap take a shot at them here. Lighten up, nerditas. And stop yelling at me.

Junkmedia has been up and down and up and now down again. Server issues. Ben the editor is on tour with his hot rock ensemble the Mobius Band, so I don't know how many updates it would have been getting nohow.

So I downloaded the new Blonde Redhead from the ITunes, and while it is good, it hasn't really sunk in on me yet. Currently I am closing in on my goal of listening to every single thing on my IPod at least once. Using a Smart Playlist that just cues up stuff that has never been heard before, so far I have listened to about 3150 of the 3200 songs on there. Once I get settled in here at the condo I will start ripping stuff again.

Alright, I guess I got nothing else. More when we are settled. Anyone wanna buy a PA? Drafting table?

That is all.

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