April 25, 2004

"This feels like yesterday." - Lefty's Deceiver

Hola conquistadors. The dishwasher hums against the other side of the guest room wall. The pot rack is assembled and waits to be screwed to the wall. All the rooms are somewhat together save for the guest room and the dining room. But we still entertained last evening. It is nice to be able to fit 6 people in the living room. We certainly couldn't fit any more, but 6 is pretty good.

I don't know why, but I am more interested, perhaps even excited, about the forthcoming Cure record. Perhaps because I have been turned onto a lot of recent live recordings online, which has revived my appreciation for the album Wish. I am still considering the new B-sides comp. I just can't be sure if there is anything more there that I would be interested in, as Dube already previously hunted down the B-sides from the cassette version of Staring at the Sea for me years ago. So still I ponder.

Back in the halcyon days of the late 80s and early 90s I used to be able to rely on Spin magazine to turn me onto stuff that was exceptional, that I really had no business knowing about at such a young age. So when the Feelies' Only Life came out, I bought it and became indoctrinated into their coolness. I never got into them on the sort of uber nerd level of many of the other bands I discovered at the same time. As a result there were quite a few releases of theirs I didn't know about. Fortunately for me the blog Mystical Beast offered a primer the other day.

I was minding my own business last weekend trying to muster the strength to get out of bed to make coffee when I was treated to a performance by Hanson on the Today show. Yeah, the Mmmmmmm... Bop guys. Well the tune I heard, besides being a little to similar to the aforementioned number, was pretty darn good. Word on the street is these guys have gone indie (or got dropped, to-may-toe, to-mah-toe) and worked with a lot of great writers including Matthew Sweet. Their Launch bio spells it all out. Anyway, the props have started flowing in, just like they did when Hall & Oates got back together recently. Wierd. But I'll be interested to hear what else is on the record once it hits the commercial rock radio (and assuming I ever turn the commercial rock radio on).

The MAN is apparently blasting AC/DC at Iraquis in an effort to instill fear and mayhem into their mortal souls. Apparently they used to do the same thing with Metallica, but Lars et al got pissed about it. It is kind of strange how the word "Iraquis" is so close to the word "Iraquois." Anyhoo...

Junkmedia is back online and promising new content tomorrow, including an Iron & Wine interview, which sounds pretty hot. Hopefully these new servers work gooder and are less badder.

I have plenty else to remark on, perhaps a little later on. That is all.

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