December 2, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: Texas Is The Reason, Armalite, Meneguar

>> Watch all-too-briefly reunited emo legends Texas Is The Reason completely slay at their reunion gig last weekend. We're not sure about the fashion choice with the scarf on that one guitarist, but the Townshendian windmills are awesome. At the clip atop this item the band runs through the first half of "Back And To The Left," from Texas Is The Reason's sole full-length release, 1996's Do You Know Who You Are. Here's a longer clip of the same song with awful, almost unlistenable audio. Egads, that's some capital "R" Rock music. We hope the band shot the show for a DVD. Anyway, here's an MP3 of "Back And To The Left" in the event you want to try to synch the audio with the video with the shoddy audio linked supra.

Texas Is The Reason -- "Back And To The Left" -- Do You Know Who You Are
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>> Given how rarely the band performs because of various schedule conflicts and health problems, we think it is more than worth pointing to this video of pop-punk supergroup Armalite's October performance in Gainesville, Fla. at Fest V. The clip actually has pretty great audio and video, but because it is shot from the side of the stage instead of the front (where the PA likely delivered the vocals fairly well), there are virtually no vocals to be heard. The band, which features Atom Goren of Atom And His Package/Fracture fame and Dan Yemin of Lifetime/Kid Dynamite fame, performs two songs in this video from Armalite's 2006 self-titled tour de rock. We believe the tunes are "Husker Dave" and "Entitled." Look for Armalite's record on our list of favorite discs of 2006. Hey, that sort of rhymes.

>> Yeah, we know this clip isn't on YouTube, but given the recent acquisition we think we can include it: Hit this link and watch one of the best underground band's in America play to an inexplicably small crowd (six people, maybe?). It's clicky clicky faves Meneguar playing "Kids Get Cut" at the East River Music Project for New York Noise earlier in the year. Incidentally, we always forget about Google Video, and as such we hadn't seen this clip before (although it appears it was only uploaded a few weeks back). But if you hit the link you will find a longer clip (with poorish sound quality) of the band playing several songs at American University in 2005. Definitely watch the cataclysmic one-two punch of "House Of Cats" and "Kids Get Cut," it will give you whiplash. And if you stick around for the last four minutes the band plays the triumphant anthem "The Temp," although the stream jumps around a bit and on the whole we'd say it isn't the strongest performance of the awesome song.


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