September 6, 2007

Johnny Foreigner: The Beginning of The End and Everything

Johnny Foreigner (by Lewes)Oh, man, the new Johnny Foreigner song -- flipping brilliant.... We're cobbling together a quick post even in our harried state (the work project is still not over, and, yes, it will kill us, albeit a little more slowly from here on out) because there is news aplenty afoot regarding the noise pop geniuses. Word is a label deal for Johnny Foreigner is imminent, based on the Birmingham, England trio's latest MySpace message. Could be that the deal mentioned will be with Best Before Records, a label that is affiliated with a larger UK media and entertainment consortium called Mama whose holdings include live venues, music magazines and artist services businesses. JoFo disclosed Wednesday that it will release a six-song EP titled Arcs Across The City on Best Before, possibly in October. Best Before's web site already has a picture of the band in its header image, although as of Wednesday evening there was no other mention of Johnny Foreigner that we noted in our brief scan. Arcs Across The City was recorded at Southern Studios; songs recorded during those sessions include new versions of "Yes You Talk Too Fast" and "Champagne Girls I Have Known" (demo versions of both of those are freely available from the band's web site, as we wrote here in July) and new material. One new track, "The End And Everything," is a blistering, quirky slice of superlative rockery and is also the inspiration for the EP title. We can't stop playing it. Go to JoFo's MySpace and stream it until your head pops off. Can't wait for the EP.

Johnny Foreigner -- "The End And Everything" [stream] -- Arcs Across The City EP

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