September 19, 2007

Today's Hotness: All The Same Acts We're Always On About

Okay Paddy -- Where You Went>> Seriously, we feel a bit like a broken record about these bands. But they're great. And work is consuming almost all of our blogging time, and likely will continue to do so through the end of the first week of October. So we've been devoting most of our writing to things we know we like recently. Please bear with us.

>> We're sorry to be able to confirm what our blog hit logs have been suggesting to us for a few days. Word from the Okay Paddy camp is that the quartet has called it quits. Scranton, Penn.-based Okay Paddy's The Cactus Has A Point [review] was one of our favorite records of 2006. The band had previously issued The Hunk EP, featuring the awesome track "The Waive," and this past summer Okay Paddy released via Prison Jazz the stirring EP Where You Went? [review], whose title was perhaps a harbinger of the band hanging up its proverbial cleats. Okay Paddy was also featured in our Show Us Yours series, specifically in Show Us Yours #8. You should seek out all of these records, and here are a couple reasons why:

Okay Paddy -- "The Waive" -- The Hunk EP
Okay Paddy -- "Dumbwaiter" -- Where You Went?
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[buy Okay Paddy records from Prison Jazz here if you know what's good for you]

>> Have you bought your digital copy of Ringo Deathstarr's new Ringo Deathstarr EP? It's well worth the low, low price. Spoilt Victorian Child Records is offering a teaser track, the demo of which we think we offered recently. Here's the polished, shoegazetastic gem, also known as track two on the EP:

Ringo Deathstarr -- "Sweet Girl" -- Ringo Deathstarr EP
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[buy the EP from SVC Records here]

>> When you look up "ducks in a row" in the Idiomatic Dictionary you may just find :: clicky clicky faves :: Mobius Band. Not only is their forthcoming record being issued by TWO record labels, but their forthcoming tour is being sponsored by Internet radio service WOXY (which refers to Matthew Dear as Mobius Band's former label mate, as does former tour sponsors M.F-R here -- clearly the Mobius Band label situation is confusing a lot of people, including us for a while). The trio played the Monolith Festival earlier this month and officially hits the road Oct. 1, the day before the new long player Heaven is in stores. Check out all the tour dates here, in case you didn't see them when we posted them here in August.

>> The official deets on the forthcoming third single from Manchester, England's The Answering Machine. As we reported here, the single will be for the track "Lightbulbs." What we didn't know until was that the record will be released in limited quantities on Regal Records Nov. 5, and the flipside will be a new recording of the song "Decadent." The quartet has posted "Lightbulbs" to its MySpace dojo so you can try before you buy -- check it out here. It's not too different from "It's Over! It's Over! It's over!" from the "Silent Hotels" single, but it is still a darn good song. Love that guitar tone, love the sound of real drums from the band's new drummer (or at least a better sounding drum machine, anyway), and we love the little glitches in the intro. Another great single. Thanks Answering Machine!

>> Plans for lunch Friday? Or breakfast if you are on the West Coast, supper if you are in Europe or the UK? Philadelphia's The A-Sides, who are former label mates with the late, lamented Okay Paddy and whose long-awaited Silver Storms was released yesterday, are playing a live set for Philly radio station WXPN at 12PM, and we expect that you can catch a live stream or an archived performance without too much hunting around the WXPN web presence.

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