September 16, 2007

Today's Hotness: Fall Release Mini-Spectacular

Fall Release Mini-SpectacularThis week ushers in the beginning of a parade of albums we've been waiting all year to hear, albums that will likely be our favorites of 2007. This is not to say there aren't other excellent records in the pipeline that we think will be stupendous (Kevin Drew, Les Savy Fav, etc.). But here's the rundown of the stuff at the very tip top of our list:

>> Sept. 18: The A-Sides -- Silver Storms -- Vagrant [buy!]

The A-Sides have had this record in the can for a long, long time. After having a label deal fall through last year, the band landed a deal with Vagrant that was an open secret for months and months prior to its announcement. The Philly-based act must be fairly relieved to finally have Silver Storms' release date basically here. The set itself is a big step forward sonically -- it captures The A-Side's transition from a jaunty rock band with notable vocal harmonies to a subtle act capable of grand atmospheres and lush arrangements. We can only imagine what the next record will be like. But for now, and finally, Silver Storms is upon us.

The A-Sides -- "We're The Trees" -- Silver Storms
The A-Sides -- "Diamonds" -- Silver Storms
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>> Sept. 25: Meneguar -- Strangers In Our House -- Troubleman Unlimited [spend!]

How hot is this record? The limited white vinyl issue is already sold out. OK, that is only 100 copies, but even so. There are still copies of the black or green vinyl. According to Troubleman, the sleeve is "insane super thick cardboard casewrap gatefold covers, making this record weigh as much as three regular LPs." Pretty sweet. We'll be buying the CD, so that's one more record for one of you. Meneguar is currently touring Europe and plans a jaunt around the U.S. after that.

>> Oct. 2: Mobius Band -- Heaven -- Misra/Ghostly International [consume!]

As written about here, and here, and here, ad infinitum.

Mobius Band -- "Hallie" -- Heaven
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>> Oct. 29: Ringo Deathstarr -- Ringo Deathstarr EP -- SVC Records [exchange currency for goods soon!]

[UPDATED] So yes, there is now an official release date for Texas-based shoegaze act Ringo Deathstarr's self-titled debut EP. Spoilt Victorian Child Records will release the set Oct. 29 on CD and via digital music storefronts including ITunes; the EP will be available digitally for two pounds directly from SVC Records Sept. 17, which -- as of this update -- is today if you are based in the UK and Europe. The band has posted a track from the EP titled "Sweet Girl" to its MySpace linked above. It sounds good, but what sounds really amazing is whatever searing track they are using as the backing music for this EP-hyping YouTube clip. For more of what the band has to offer, snatch the demo for "Some Kind Of Sad" linked below.

Ringo Deathstarr -- "Some Kind Of Sad" -- Demo
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>> Nov. ?: Johnny Foreigner -- Arcs Across The City EP -- Best Before Records [purchase eventually!]

As the self-appointed biggest fan of Johnny Foreigner in all of the 50 United States, we were double-plus chuffed to see that the act was Forkcasted here Thursday. We're a little perplexed by Mr. Knight's assessment that the band has some sort of affinity for late, lamented D.C. indie rockers The Dismemberment Plan. Not that they do or don't. It just seems like a random band to name check. If you are saying a certain act sounds strongly influenced by American bands from the '90s, wouldn't you then use examples whose music sort of sounds like the band you are talking about? No matter. We're pleased to see the Birmingham trio name-checked in the de facto top U.S. music publication. As we reported here earlier in the month, Johnny Foreigner recently signed to the British label Best Before Records and will release its debut EP on some date in November.

Johnny Foreigner -- "Ninky vs. Dingle (Sunset Cinema Club cover)" -- I Like You Mostly Late At Never (Demos Collection)
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