January 6, 2007

Today's Hotness: The A-Sides, The Hold Steady

The A-Sides>> HerJazz reports here that Philadelphia-based retro rock savants The A-Sides have signed with Vagrant. We took the information to our friendly neighborhood Vagrant rep, who could not confirm or deny the news. The band completed its sophomore set Silver Storms last year, had a different label deal fall through, and have been biding their time ever since. The A-Sides have lined up a few shows to kick off the year and the dates are below. The sextet released its debut Hello, Hello on Prison Jazz in 2005, and the record was No. 4 on our list Ten You Should Have Heard For 2005. If you haven't heard the Silver Storms preview track "Cinematic" yet, you are way behind. Here's the MP3:

The A-Sides -- "Cinematic" -- Silver Storms

01/13 -- Dayton, OH -- The Nite Owl
01/14 -- Chicago, IL -- Schuba's
02/10 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Johnny Brenda's

>> Speaking of Vagrant acts, or potential Vagrant acts and actual Vagrant acts, Brooklyn-based bar band superstars The Hold Steady are featured here in a new Spinner.com feature that includes three live performance clips. Definitely watch the band's cracking performance of "Stuck Between Stations." The tune was recorded live at Warsaw in Brooklyn. And when the guitars explode in the bridge its totally spine-tingling.

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