January 14, 2007

Coming To Your Local Bandstand: Frightened Rabbit [MP3]

Frightened Rabbit[photo credit: christopher heaney] We were sort of ignoring the hype about gritty Glaswegian indie pop trio Frightened Rabbit. Well, if you can call out-of-the-blue adulation for the just over a year-old group from a small group of blogs including Catbird Seat hype. Well, it turns out the hype is earned and deserved. It took an email from the recently reactivated Self Starter Foundation email list to impress upon us how big a deal the band is. It sounds like Self Starter Foundation honcho Chris Newmyer was so moved by the act that he flew abroad to see them recently, then flew back to America and began booking them a short U.S. tour. Well, it's more a tour of two of the five boroughs of New York City and a date each in Philadelphia and Chicago [UPDATE: doesn't this sentence written Sunday look a lot like one of the final sentences published in this Pitchfork news item Monday night at 7:15PM? Great minds think alike, we guess]. But it is now upon us, and the full dates are below. Self Starter is hosting a couple preview tracks, and they are first rate scruffy pop music. This comparison does not do the music justice, but if you twee-d up The Libertines' Up The Bracket, you'd be in the right ball park. Just download the songs -- you'll know you did the right thing as soon as you do.

Frightened Rabbit -- "The Greys" -- Frightened Rabbit "Sings The Greys"
Frightened Rabbit -- "Go Go Girls" -- Frightened Rabbit "Sings The Greys"
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01/15 -- Micheline's -- Brooklyn, NY
01/17 -- Northsix -- Brooklyn, NY
01/19 -- Cake Shop -- New York, NY
01/20 -- Sine-e -- New York, NY
01/21 -- Johnny Brenda's -- Philadelphia, PA
01/22 -- Mercury Lounge -- New York, NY
01/23 -- Empty Bottle -- Chicago, IL

Frightened Rabbit: InterWeb | MySpace | YouTube | Flickr

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