January 2, 2007

Today's Hotness: Mobius Band, Up Up Down Down

Baby Dayliner and Peter Sax of Mobius Band>> Electronic rock trio Mobius Band reports that it is finishing songs and plans to record its sophomore full-length "in a couple months." The act, which released the excellent The Loving Sounds Of Static on Ghostly International in 2005, aims to release the new set in the fall. Mobius Band recently posted a wrap-up of its fall tour with Baby Dayliner here at Music.For-Robots.

>> Ultimate awkwardly monikered indie rockers Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, fresh from rounding out our Eight Records That You Should Have Heard In 2006 list, have launched a new web clearinghouse featuring tons of MP3s. Check it out here. We highly recommend the out-of-print Live In The Studio EP, which is posted for download and features many of the band's awesome recent tracks. Also check out the video for "Please Come To Me" while you visit the site. It's sublime. Seriously. Will someone please book these guys in Boston?

>> We're getting off to a bit of a slow start here in 2007. Rack And Opinion will return next week. The redesign continues anon and in bits and pieces each day.

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DJ durutti said...

like what's up thus far in the redesign, espec. the profile clicky clicky logo.