January 28, 2007

Forget To Remember To Forget The Mendoza Line [MP3]

Tim Bracy of the Mendoza Line[PHOTO CREDIT] For the umpteenth time we have checked the Mendoza Line and Misra web sites to see if there is any new information out there about a forthcoming EP and hits collection. And for the umpteenth time we have come up empty. Not that we personally need a Mendoza Line hits collection, as we have all the domestic releases in one form or another bar one, the very out-of-print and therefore pricy used item I Like You When You're Not Around, which was released by the now defunct Kindercore Records at the end of the last century. Well, bar two, because we don't have the spruced-up reissue of Poems To A Pawnshop, 2003's If They Knew This Was The End.

But anyway, if we were charged with putting together a Mendoza Line hits collection, we most certainly would title it "I Hope That You Remember To Forget," which is the name of an amazing and crushing track on 2000's We're All In This Alone. Given the attention the band has attracted with its most recent, trad-leaning releases, we think it is important to point out to newbies or to remind whoever might be concatenating the aforementioned hits collection that the Mendoza Line went through an exciting and relatively experimental period with Alone. We are not sure we can make a compelling argument that one Mendoza Line style is better than another, but if we had to choose a favorite record, it would be that one. To tide you and us over until Bracy and McArdle et al. get those new releases in the racks, here's "I Hope That You Remember To Forget." And as an added bonus, we'll link to a download of the downright spooky "Mysterious In Black" that the band is offering at its MySpace cabin. And would you look at that, the Mendoza Line is finally represented on YouTube -- hit the link below for a video of the band performing "It's A Long Line (But It Moves Quickly)" in Pittsburgh.

The Mendoza Line -- "I Hope That You Remember To Forget" -- We're All In This Alone
The Mendoza Line -- "Mysterious In Black" -- Full Of Light And Full Of Fire
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