January 18, 2007

YouTube Rodeo: Panther's "You Don't Want Your Nails Done"

Yes, it's Panther, not Panthers... We'll be honest, until Panther mastermind Charlie Salas-Humara blurted an obscenity (pretty much the most obscene one, if you're curious, so don't play this video at work if that is the sort of thing that will ruffle feathers) at 1:29 into this video, we weren't sure it was for us. But as soon as the dirty word is uttered the manic vocal and the killer minimalist electro groove (think James Brown-grade funk in the year 2419A.D., Buck Rogers-stizz) suddenly come into focus. After feeling that, we watched "You Don't Want Your Nails Done" several more times to take in the amazing level of detail in all the corrugated cardboard constructions. If only Justin Timberlake was 1/10th as interesting as Salas-Humara, we'd believe some of the hype bloggers spew his way -- but believe you us, Salas-Humara is light years ahead of the former Mickey Mouse Clubber. "You Don't Want Your Nails Done" is taken from Panther's forthcoming longplayer Secret Lawns, which will be released on Fryk Beat March 6. The act will also tour that month. Panther previously released an eponymous 12," and you can find out more about that here. Fryk Beat is hosting an MP3 for "Nails," which we link to below.

Panther -- "You Don't Want Your Nails Done" -- Fryk Beat
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