January 7, 2007

Today's Hotness: Daylight's For The Birds, CYHSY!!, TGTBTQ

>> Is Baeble Music the new Digital Club Network? We don't know, but we've already seen the name twice in the last week or so, so its profile is definitely on the rise. Among other things, you can currently stream video of genius dream-poppers Daylight's For The Birds performing "Worlds Away" at Mercury Lounge Dec. 21, which we've taken the trouble of posting above. The sound quality is great, and the video is shot with several different angles -- its all very pro. While you are at Baeble Music check out this Snowden performance of "Filler Is Wasted," too. Or this clip of Maritime performing "Tearing Up The Oxygen." We think that somehow you can access/purchase entire live sets via the site, but we are just starting to explore things over there and aren't really sure how it all works yet. But if any of you Baeble Music people are reading this, you should think about finding out who owns the old Digital Club Network content and acquire it. There was lots of great indie rock shows there. Oh yeah, also: hey Baeble Music people, can you make it so when one embeds a video as we have above, that you get something more entertaining to look at than a big grey box?

>> Some good numbers in today's Billboard profile of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. The band intends to ship 60,000 copies of its sophomore set, a figure exponentially greater than the 2,000 copies of the eponymous debut that the quintet initially shipped. That debut ultimately sold about 200,000 copies, grossing the band close to $2 million. This time around the band's take per album is decreased from $7 per disc to $6 per disc. The Clap's Some Loud Thunder, which gets released Jan. 30, will again be distributed domestically by Warner's ADA and internationally by Wichita, a three-person label that also releases Bloc Party recordings abroad. Some Loud Thunder will be available for digital download Jan. 16.

>> Beginning tomorrow fans can stream the entire new record from Damon Albarn's The Good, The Bad And The Queen at the band's MySpace yert here.

>> Logh reports that it has titled its forthcoming record. North will be issued across Europe in the final week of March. The Swedish sextet expects to release the record in other markets not long after. Logh plans to tour in February, April, May and throughout the summer, and hopes to make it to North America in the "near future," presumably later in the year following its other commitments.

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