January 3, 2008

Best Of 2006 Addendum: She, Sir's Who Can't Say Yes

She, Sir
Is it too late to update our best-of list for 2006? Is it cheating to add a two-year-old EP to our 2008 list? We're certainly skeptical that 2008 will offer many releases that top Austin, Texas-based She Sir's Who Can't Say Yes, which somehow slipped past our radar many moons ago. Until November, in fact, when at a friend's recommendation we purchased the 2006 set. It has been blowing our minds consistently ever since. Coincidentally, the last time we told you to drop everything and run, don't walk, to buy a record was when we first got wind of another Texas shoegazer's beautiful noise (that band, of course, was Ringo Deathstarr). And we're doing it again. You must own Who Can't Say Yes. The band claims that they are almost out of copies, so don't blow this. The EP is a superlative document of '90s-style American indie shoegaze the likes of which you haven't heard since the first Lilys full-length In The Presence Of Nothing. Yeah, we said it.

Who Can't Say Yes has got murmured vocals, big guitars and melodies and just the right amount of reverb to make the whole set float, when it isn't hitting a crushing crescendo. The EP opens with the gentle rocker "I Love You, Blowtorch Eyes" and unfurls in a series of seven winners from there. The very good news is that according to Russell Karloff, one half of She, Sir's core duo, the band is in the process of recording a full-length record and has contracted for the services of Erik Wofford, a producer who has worked on records by Explosions In The Sky, Voxtrot and Snowden. The proposed set is a concept album titled Go Guitars, and we'll be sure to keep you abreast of information about its release as it becomes available. Below we are posting an MP3 of "It's My Way Of Staying Connected," a track from Who Can't Say Yes that burbles and sways and explodes in very pleasant ways. Do check it out.

She, Sir -- "It's My Way Of Staying Connected" -- Who Can't Say Yes
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