January 1, 2008

Today's Hotness: Piebald, Frightened Rabbit, The Get Quick

Piebald>> Two stories of note over at Pun Canoes recently. First, here is news that defunct Boston emo concern Piebald will reform for a single gig April 18 at The Middle East Rock Club in Cambridge, Mass. Piebald most recently called it quits in mid-2007 after releasing its seventh long-player Accidental Gentlemen. In August we took time out here to praise the band's excellent track "'Grace Kelly With Wings," the opening track on the band's 1999 sophomore set. In unrelated news, a 1999 documentary about the New York City hardcore punk scene, appropriately titled N.Y.H.C., is being reissued in a special two-DVD set March 25. The set focuses on acts including Murphy's Law, Cro-Mags, 108, Madball and Vision Of Disorder and includes bonus live footage of featured bands performing complete songs, as well as other bonus footage and deleted scenes. The second disc includes new interviews. You can read more information here and here.

>> So it turns out that, at least according to this post at Hearsay (which points to this post at Scottish music blog The Pop Cop), the forthcoming sophomore set from Glaswegian indie rock trio Frightened Rabbit is titled Midnight Organ Fighting. As we reported here before our year-end break, look for the set to be released in the U.S. in early March prior to the South By Southwest music confab.

>> Action is afoot in the The Get Quick camp. Go to the band's MySpace dojo and stream the scorcher "Change Of Scene," which may be (and certainly sounds like) a holdover from the quartet's former iteration as Philadelphia's MantaRay in the '90s. "Change Of Scene" is pilled up and scritchy attitude and a total thrill ride. While you are over there check out the track "The City Of Perpetual Mist" as well. You'll be glad you gave the band a couple minutes of your time. The band's 2007 set See You In The Crossfire was released to utter silence from the blogosphere (except for our coverage, of course). This is too bad, because there are a number of high points, although the record wasn't as consistent as The Get Quick's 2005 debut How The Story Goes. Here's one track from each record.

The Get Quick -- "The Blinds" -- See You In The Crossfire
The Get Quick -- "Blaue Reiter" -- How The Story Goes
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>> We are about midway through the eminently readable Motley Crue bio "The Dirt," which made this item at Buddyhead jump out at us. Apparently "The Dirt" is being dramatized for a film expected to be released in 2009. The most interesting thing about that is Christopher Walken is rumored to be committed to portray Ozzy Osbourne. Val Kilmer, who hasn't made a compelling movie since 1985's "Real Genius," may portray delightful Van Halen fronter David Lee Roth, which somehow doesn't seem too far off the mark to us. More info here and here.

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