May 7, 2009

Johnny Foreigner's Dynamite "Feels Like Summer" Now Streaming

So yeh, remember the planned first single from Johnny Foreigner's as-yet-untitled album numero dos? The one called "Feels Like Summer?" The one what we don't know any additional details about (wink wink wink, winkety winkety wink)? Well, it is now streaming at the Birmingham, England-based noise pop superlatives' MySpace dojo right here, and it is mammoth. The brief track of stray slack is boisterous, sloppy, glorious and poignant all at once. Compositionally not terribly different from the live bootlegs we've got kicking around, but the gang chant "Some Summers!" and the lone vocal from bassist Kelly Southern at the close are compelling embellishments to the arrangement. Sure, releasing a song titled "Feels Like Summer" at the close of the academic year and with the eponymous season upon us seems a bit calculated, but what, did you think the band would issue a Christmas single now? Puh-leeeze. Initial word was that the "Feels Like Summer" single would be out sometime this month, but as there appears to be no online retailer that will let you pre-order the platter, we're guessing it could be next month before you get your anxious paws on this. In case you either a) live under a rock or b) do not live in the UK, you should know that Johnny Foreigner commences 17 days of tour dates this very evening in Sheffield, England with Tubelord supporting. Peruse the full tour dates here.


saam keephopeinside said...

Isn't a free download from June 22nd?

Jay Breitling said...

Yeh, I got that info after I wrote this, been too busy to update, but you are right! Unless the band changes the dates, which could happen.