May 11, 2009

"Summer" Here Kids!

Feels Like Summer
That’s a Grandaddy reference, yeah? More importantly, we’ve been green-lighted with a handful of other blogs to offer you an MP3 of the much-discussed-here forthcoming single “Feels Like Summer.” So have at it! [UPDATE: Or don't! The band's UK label would prefer you download this elsewhere] [Re-UPDATE: Everything is sorted! All is right with the world again! Gimme Indie Rock!].

Johnny Foreigner -- "Feels Like Summer" -- Album Number Two


Anonymous said...

Jay, can you please not give away our single now.

Anonymous said...

what was all that about?! I notice other blogs have been offering it all day.

Glad it was sorted out (esp. considering the column inches you give to JF).


Jay Breitling said...

Major communication problems between label and management re: PR strategy. All fixed now, but frustrating.