May 6, 2009

More On Morr's Kiwi Homage Comp Not Given Lightly

Morr's Not Given Lightly
Speaking of blog items that mysteriously go missing at :: clicky clicky :: (wait... what?), voracious readers may recall we briefly posted an item a month ago that addressed in turn a new Rumble Strips song ("London," a real snappy one, that) and a planned Morr Music compilation featuring covers of the best in classic '80s and '90s New Zealand indie rock. Well, we now have more information about the latter, which appears to be available to order now. According to an email just in from Morr, the 34-track set is titled Not Given Lightly (A Tribute To The Golden Giant Book Of New Zealand's Alternative Music Scene). The storied New Zealand scene, of course, built its reputation on such notable acts as The Chills, The 3-Ds, The Bats, The Clean and so forth, whose music influenced -- among others -- American indie legends Yo La Tengo and Pavement and countless others.

Like Morr's excellent 2002 Slowdive tribute collection Blue Skied An' Clear [review here], a second disc of Not Given Lightly will contain new and exclusive material from Morr luminaries Lali Puna ("I Like Rain"), B.Fleischmann ("Not Given Lightly"), ISAN ("Harmonic Deluxe") and others. Not Given Lightly is available on 3 LPs or 2 CDs priced at 20 and 18 Euros respectively. Want to hear samples from the comp right now? Snippets can be streamed at the A Number Of Small Things page for the collection right here. We haven't an MP3 to share from Not Given Lightly, but here is a video of It's A Musical's wonderful cover of Tall Dwarves' "All My Hollowness To You." And what the hell, here is Future 3's version of Slowdive's "Alison" from Blue Skied An' Clear.

Future 3 -- "Alison" -- Blue Skied An' Clear
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