May 16, 2009

YouTube Rodeo: Telekinesis' "Awkward Kisser"

Mannequins are generally underused in indie rock videos. Or just any rock videos really. This track, more reliant on persistent percussive piano than the previously publicized and satisfyingly crunchy guitar-led anthem "Coast Of Carolina," shows Telekinesis' Michael Lerner to have a much broader range than we assumed based on that first preview single. "Coast Of Carolina" made us think, oh, we don't know, insert good lo-fi band name here. But "Awkward Kisser," makes us think Ben Folds, and not because of Mr. Lerner's eyeglasses. Merge Records released Telekinesis' self-titled full-length debut April 7. Buy it from Merge here. Local-ish fans can see Telekinesis at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Mass. June 12.

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