September 14, 2009

Be Prepared: Varsity Drag | Night Owls | Date TBD

VarsityDrag_ NightOwls
Cambridge, Mass.-based pop-punk stalwarts Varsity Drag have completed, delivered, announced the title, and dropped a bit-bit preview of their second full-length of new material Night Owls. Pics are posted at their Facebook page, and we're happy to snap up and re-post the front cover here for your inspection. Friend up the band if you want to peep the back art, which discloses the following track listing:

1. Animal
2. Night Owls
3. Richard's Gone
4. Galaxies
5. In This World
6. Hammer
7. Long Way Home
8. Morning
9. Post Script

The set was mixed/engineered by the inimitable Tom Hamilton, who helmed most if not all of the early Lemonheads records, depending on what your personal definitions of the words "all," "early" and "records" are. Night Owls will be issued in Europe next month on a date to be determined by Boss Tunage. Varsity Drag hopes the set will be available in some way shape or form to promote it during its upcoming UK tour, which runs from 3 Oct. through the 10th. They even go to Cardiff. A complete set of dates can be inspected at the band's MySpace dojo right here. Varsity Drag issued the live set Rock N' Roll Is Such A Hassle over the summer. Our own Michael Piantigini reviewed it right here. The debut For Crying Out Loud, originally issued by Boss Tunage in 2005, was recently reissued on f'ing glorious 10" vinyl.

Varsity Drag: Internerds | MySpace | YouTube | Flickr

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