May 31, 2010

Song Johnny Foreigner Gives Away Gratis Better Than 99.9% Of The Crap That People Want You To Pay For

Fans may recall that Johnny Foreigner briefly blitzkrieg-bopped their way through South Africa in late winter, playing some shows and a festival and generally -- based on the photographic evidence -- having a grand time in a stunningly beautiful country. The Birmingham, England-based indie giants had such a fine time, in fact, that they are considering recording their third full-length record there, according to this blog post what you already read. A return to South Africa to record a full-length will not be Johnny Foreigner's maiden recording effort there, however. During the band's jaunt earlier this year it laid down at least one track with a fellow named Peach, and this track is awesome, and Johnny Foreigner put it up for free downlizzle over the weekend right here.

The synth-tastic "With Who, Who And What I've Got" is a gorgeous number that downplays guitars while at the same time overdriving the 8bit production sound to approximate the band's desperate guitar pop attack. The song, incidentally, also fulfills the requirements of our Indie Axiom for Awesomeness no. 3. We doubt "With Who, Who And What I've Got" was written entirely in South Africa, but to the extent that country had any positive influence on the material, we'd be thrilled to hear what the band can do recording a full length "down" "there." Check it out for yourself.

Johnny Foreigner -- "With Who, Who And What I've Got" -- South Africa
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